Floyd Wickman
Floyd Wickman has dedicated three decades of his life teaching real estate agents how to be successful. Through his long running SweathogsTM training program (sold in 1999) and its successor the StarMaker S.M.A.R.T.TM program, Floyd Wickman has given the tools to success to over 250,000 real estate agents throughout North America. Floyd Wickman has authored six top selling books, has sold over one million audio programs, and was named one of the 25 most influential people in real estate. Salesperson Magazine named him "The Extraordinary Ordinary Man", he makes the hard stuff look easy. His favorite award is the rare CPAE, Council of Peers Award of Excellence from NSA, the National Speakers Association. If you have a question or comment for Floyd or would like him to speak at your event please visit CallFloyd.com and he will get back to you personally.
The Number 1 Problem, the Number 1 Solution (6 Components to Generating Listings Now)
By Floyd Wickman, - Posted on
1 Problem- 1 Solution- 6 Components to Generate Real Estate Listings
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Floyd Wickman is a well-known coach and career development pro in the real estate industry- he’s shared this article with us to help you recognize the 6 components to getting listings in a hot market…or even if it’s not so hot. This article is geared more toward our broker and manager subscribers- but it applies to real estate agents too!   ALSO- don’t miss our …