6 Ways To Make Foreclosures Show Like Fresh Homes

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Foreclosures and short sales are a pretty gloomy part of our business.  I have recently pulled up the shades and let the light shine in!  With a very small budget, I have purchased marketing props that make the house appear to be more ‘lived in’ and welcoming.

Here are 6 ways to spruce up foreclosures and get more offers…

Tip #1:  A laundry basket with a bright towel draped across it sitting on top of the washer adds some pop! Tip #2:  A cookbook with some brightly colored napkins strategically placed on the counter gets buyers hooked into what they would cook in the kitchen. Tip #3:  Add a small green silk plant in a colorful planter to give the home a lively feel. Tip #4:  Maybe a few plastic lemons in a small bowl beside a cutting board to make the home feel more alive. Tip #5:  A few wine glasses or goblets and an interesting book added to the side of a soaker tub or vanity get buyers’ imagination started. Tip #6:  I also use bright beach prints in an otherwise dark and drab bedroom. All of these props can be picked up cheaply at Big Lots or Dollar Stores.  And some items I find at garage sales, estate sales, or in my own attic!  With a little imagination, and a few minutes, you will create an atmosphere that says, ‘Hey, buy me…I’m a great deal and I have a lot of potential!’ We are finding this to be a great marketing tool that also helps in your MLS and advertising pictures.  You’ll be surprised…your buyers will often want to keep the props you place in the home.  And then you already have a great settlement gift!”

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