12-Month Marketing Plan

Your 12-Month Marketing Plan for 2019

If you’re wondering how you can stay on track with your marketing for next year, here’s a very simple way to create a marketing plan of action.

It’s a 12-month planning calendar (on 1 piece of paper) that organizes your marketing activity by month and category. You can create a more detailed marketing plan if you like, but this will help you get started.  Plus, it’s a great “quick reference” for what steps you can take to grow your production. Take 30 minutes today to:

  1. Reflect on this past year — identify where your business came from in the last 12 months
  2. Download this 1-page template — fill in your best opportunities to get clients in the coming year
  3. Put your marketing plan in a place you’ll see each day as a reminder to follow-through

You can click the example image below to download a blank template:

(This idea was Submitted by Young Phan, REALTOR®)


We’re here to help! We have a FREE download of a plan to help you figure out your “Critical Rate of Sale.”  What do you want this year to bring you? Knowing this number will help you chart a path for 2019. This resource will help you create a “personal” plan-of-action for the year that’s specific to you.  This way, you’ll know exactly how many transactions you need to make each month, to reach your income goals.

Let’s get started- you can download the worksheet below.

Download the worksheet here- we’re using the second page in this article: 3SU Success Targeting System-BONUS-AIC.

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12 responses to “Your 12-Month Marketing Plan for 2019”

  1. Cathy McGrail Avatar

    I love Service For Life! Best newsletter I have ever sent out. Always have great articles and the Trivia question is always a hit.

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      Cathy thank you so much for the kind words!

      Yes ServiceForLife.com is an agent’s best friend for referrals and keeping top-of-mind with customers.

      All Good Wishes,

  2. Clark Niblock Avatar

    Marketing Guide is very helpful.

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      You are Most Welcome Clark – and All The Very Best for 2019 and Beyond!!!

      All Good Wishes,

  3. Carol A Fontana Avatar

    Happy New Year! Thanks, I’ll be sharing this with the Northern Region Network Members and our Strategic Partners!

    Terriffic Info!

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      Thank you so much for sharing this Carol and for your support!

      Happy New Year!!!

  4. Betty Bart Avatar
    Betty Bart

    Excellent….great reminder and keeps you accountable

  5. Patricia Padrick Avatar

    Great way to get started for the New Year 2019. Thank you.

  6. Maya Garg Avatar

    Thank you for sharing marketing plan and success targeting system template. i am sure this will help me in 2019 a lot.
    i love reading all your articles and watching videos. you are the best,

  7. Tish Tischer Avatar

    Unable to download either . Frustrated.

    1. Alex Camelio Avatar
      Alex Camelio

      Hi Tish – I’m sorry there seems to be an issue downloading the pdf. The link in the article is directly to a PDF that’s publicly available online. I’ve included the link again below in case that helps? https://agentinnercircle.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/3SU-Success-Targeting-System-BONUS-AIC.pdf If you’re unable to get to this PDF link I’m really not sure what would be stopping it. If you’re still having a challenge, please let me know what Internet browser you’re using and we’ll try to take a look and go from there. Thanks.

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