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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

What’s the most under-utilized advertising space?  The BACK of your business card.  Here’s an example of how an agent uses his business card in an unusual way to get noticed, help his clients, and bring in more business.

Here’s Doug’s description and example below:

aic_1159_tent_business_card “I recently ordered new business cards but this time I chose the ‘tent’ style.  It’s a folded card with a few unique features.  What I like about this style is how it stands out from all the other cards on the table.  Normal ‘flat’ cards simply lay on a table but the tent card STANDS right on the table. When sellers come home…guess whose card is standing there for them to see?!?  Plus, it doubles the surface area to convey any message you might want.  Here’s what I put on my ‘tent’ style card:
  • FRONT:  still has my contact information.
  • BACK:  talks about our Auction side of the business (yours could include a special market you service or a unique service you provide).
  • INSIDE:  I have room for an amortization/payment table, and still another area with lines for me to leave a ‘thank you note’ and date I showed the home, or a space for quick notes.  It works great!
Ask your current business card company if they can make these for you, or find a place online by doing a quick web search for ‘tent style business card’.”

Here’s what Doug’s card looks like (click the image to enlarge)…

aic_1159_tent_business_card_sample click image to enlarge

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