Turn Your Listing Flyer into a Prospecting Machine

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

The following is a great example of “marketing leverage.” Rather than simply create a listing flyer describing the details of a listed home, Wes presents multiple reasons for a prospect to call him by offering a “teaser list” of other homes for sale on his flyer.

You’ll notice that the homes he lists are all within a specific price range and/or area of the listed home (by the way, if your listing client asks why you’re promoting other homes, you tell them that it’s in everyone’s best interest to get buyers to call – even if it’s on another home – this way you can direct them back to your primary listing, and it’s in your best interests to sell that home first. If they don’t call, you never know they are out there.)

The important lesson here is this: If you’re going to spend the money crating a beautiful listing flyer (or ad or any other promotion), why not look for additional ways to make it draw new business for you. One of those ways is to offer additional listings in a similar area/price as this listing – thus motivating buyer calls (that’s who visits your listings and opens your info tubes/boxes, right?). Another might be to offer Free Consumer Reports for Buyers and Sellers by calling your hotline or visiting your web site.

You cannot expect people to call you without a meaningful, specific reason for calling. This idea is similar to our “Premier Properties Flyer” in Step 2 of the 3-Steps System (www.3-steps.com). Now, here’s Wes’ short description and his flyer (click on flyer to see full size)…

“On your listing flyer include summary data of other homes in the area that are the market with the offer to also show these properties to prospective buyers. This tends to give the prospects the feeling that you are interested in finding ‘the right home for their family’ instead of just selling them a house.”


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