The Perfect Closing Gift For All Occasions

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Could there be a closing gift that is valuable to clients AND keeps reminding them of you for years to come?  I’m not talking about giving them a simple magazine subscription here.  This is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen in a long time.  But more than that—it works to bring referrals multiple times a year, without having to give the gift more than once.  If you’re interested in what this is all about and if it could work for you…

Check out agent Stan Vaught’s description and an image of his unusual closing gift…

“I have always struggled with the perfect closing gift.  It’s difficult to have one idea that matches all clients and is useful all year long.  It would be great to have a gift that will remind them of you and also have your contact information handy when they need you again.

I really wanted to take advantage of the ‘memory power’ of the ladies (and we all know how big their role is in the decision process in real estate).  And I noticed how popular the seasonal mailbox flags are in my area and how much my wife enjoys changing ours…and the idea took off from there…

Now, before you see my idea…you need to know it’s kind of a ‘wacky’ gift.  But the fact that it’s DIFFERENT (they can get this unique gift nowhere else), and VALUABLE (it gives clients something special they enjoy), makes it a winner for me.

Here’s how I create what I call the ‘Perfect Closing Gift For All Occasions’ in 3 easy steps (with picture below):

STEP 1:  Get Your Materials

Go to a local ‘flag store’ and get the following:

  • 5 seasonal flags
  • 1 flag hanger that screws into the wooden mailbox post
  • 1 plastic, multi-slot, file folder that comes with a hook attached to allow it to be hung in a closet.

If you don’t have a local flag store you can check at a Dollar Store or order some basic flags online.  You can get the multi-slot holder at Staples.

STEP 2:  Assemble Your Gift

I glue my business card to the front and lay the flags over each of the file dividers to prevent wrinkles.  This is the best way I’ve found to display the flags.

You can assemble several yourself at the same time to have them ready for each closing.  Or, have an assistant make these for each new client as you go.

STEP 3:  Give To Clients At Closing

You can give them this unique holiday flag holder at closing (that usually works best for me).  The ladies love the idea and it creates a new hobby for them to add to for years.

Each new season and for all the different holidays, they will have a new flag to display and more importantly for you…each time they return to the collection they will see your card on the front cover and be reminded of you for years to come.

The total cost was around $50. This cost can be adjusted by the number of flags you include, making the gift suitable for other clients – not just ones that closed a transaction with you.

This is a way to give a gift ONE TIME and continue to get business and referrals from your network for months and years in the future.  It’s working for me anyway.”

Here’s what my closing gift looks like…


click to enlarge image

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