This Holiday Mailing Brings You Referrals

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Many real estate agents send out “holiday mailings” to past clients, but few know how to create a sincere mailing that bonds people and compels them to respond. Try sending this special Thanksgiving Letter (or use it as an email), then watch people bond to you like “super glue” and send you referrals…

(If you’re having trouble downloading this PDF file, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.)

IMPORTANT:  When you mail this letter to past clients and friends, you want it to look “personal” and not like it was sent from a company.  That way it gets opened & read instead of being trashed as “junk mail.”  Here are a few extra tips for making your mailing look personal…
  • Signature:  Sign it in your own handwriting (you can then make a copy of each letter).
  • Printing:  You can print 2 of these letters per page, and cut them in half (you can even use decorative paper or card stock).
  • Envelope:  Put your name and address on the front of the envelope only (without your brokerage logo, if possible).
  • Stamp:  Use a first-class postage stamp on the envelope (commemorative, if possible).
You can also send this same message as an EMAIL, and use “Thank you” as the subject line. Most important, follow-up this letter (or email) with a personal PHONE CALL to get even more referrals. Everyone wants to feel special.  This message makes people feel like family and lets them know to keep sending you referrals!

How do YOU bond clients and stimulate referrals around Thanksgiving?

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Craig Forte
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6 thoughts on “This Holiday Mailing Brings You Referrals”

  1. I really like this card and idea. It’s a little late this year, but I’ve got it on my schedule to do next year.

    Mike Woods

  2. I have been using something very similar for Christmas when I mail my calendars . My clients are always thanking me. I will use this one next Thanksgiving since it is a little late now. Thank you, I appreciate a good idea!

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