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Open Houses Are a Waste of Time- Real Estate Myths Debunked (Myth #2 of 3 )
By Alex Camelio, CEO - Posted on
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I’m sure a lot of us have heard this floating around out there… Open Houses are waste of time! They’re a pain to setup. They don’t generate business. AND they’re totally full of neighbors and looky-loos who are never going to buy… but guess what… that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s another myth we’d like to disprove for you this week. If you …
6 Tips to Get The Most from Your Next Open House
By Anthony Mann, Contributor - Posted on
6 Tips to Get The Most from Your Open House
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Open Houses have been a staple of a successful real estate agent for many years. Agents and brokers have always had a major reason to perform them, which is obviously getting people through the door in order to sell the property! What every agent really knows is that it’s not about the people coming through the door to buy the individual property, but getting people …