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Agent Spotlight: Use Video to Comfort Clients in Challenging Times
By Alex Camelio, CEO - Posted on
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There’s nothing quite as inspiring as seeing someone figure out ways to be successful during trying times. Especially when those people are long-time members of our own network, who’ve adapted their businesses to overcome difficult market challenges.  I must say, we’re fortunate within the Agent Inner Circle® to have a huge community of creative professionals to draw from. Some of our members have influenced, educated …
How to Engage Your Community…and Get More Business
By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
Building your brand with community engagement
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Building Your Brand With Community Engagement Your business as a realtor means you are an integral part of your community. To stay relevant you have to engage with your community – the people and businesses around you. This week, we’re continuing in the vein of building your personal brand. How do you do that by being involved with your community? There are 2 types of involvement with …