Surviving (and Thriving) In Lean Times…

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

This idea submitted by agent Alma Glueck is a good reminder about broadening the scope of services you offer to match market demands. This can help you not only survive lean times but thrive in a changing market. Here she is in her own words…

“I survived in lean times by believing in my abilities as a Broker and REALTOR® and by making a decision to go into other aspects of the real estate business. I did notice that not all my associates were willing to work harder. I started by taking courses in the management of income properties. Next I worked hard to find investors that wanted to purchase apartments. I started by selling 4 apartments then I got referrals of other investors, I was able to sell up to 10 apartments at a time. I also enjoyed learning to sell existing businesses to people who wanted to own their own business. I enjoyed learning, working on my own business as well as earning more money by investing the time and effort to challenge myself and become more successful. I would suggest others not to be content with only working on one specialty and instead broaden their horizons, be confident that they have what it takes, know they can succeed by using the talents they already have, learn new skills and take positive steps to succeed to new heights.”

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