The Little-Known Secret For Making Huge Profits From Hotlines

By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

If you’ve been wondering how to create a great voice mail message – one that will motivate callers to leave their name, address, etc. for you – then this strategy will help you immensely because how you structure your voice message is the little-known secret for making big money using a real estate hotline. If you do not have a hotline, get one.  You can still use the script below for your regular office line, but there are literally hundreds of ways you could use a hotline in your practice to multiply your production… including promoting your listings with multiple extensions to track leads.  If you’re looking for a hotline system that’s got additional pre-written scripts and templates to use with your marketing system, you can take a look at Proquest Technologies (www.SixFigureHotlines.com). BACK to my main point… The sole purpose for your message is to get callers to leave their basic contact information.  Anything else is wasted time and money (including jumping in to why they should work with you). Here’s how you create a great script to motivate prospects to take another step closer to you…

The Little-Known, Step-By-Step Formula For Creating A Money-Making Voice Hotline Message!…

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Special Note: This script offers a Free Report.  I strongly suggest you use this type of “lead magnet” to get interested prospects calling you for information.  If you’re using your hotline for listings, create  a similar message for callers to get information about the property and a free report at the same time.   You can write a report and give it a benefit-rich title, like the example above, or I have 8 pre-written special reports that are part of the Service For Life!® personal marketing system. One last thing… if you want more strategies for using hotlines in your business to generate quality buyer calls, check out this past real estate marketing article.

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