4 Top Strategies For Profiting From Short Sales

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

That’s why I put together this “special edition” issue on our Agent Inner Circle® site to help you avoid common hassles, save time and make money from short sales…

First, I’ll give you an example booklet for short sale buyers that educates them and weeds out the casual people from the serious buyers.  You can click on the image below to see a sample booklet as a pdf:


Second, I’ve rounded up the 4 BEST agent-submitted ideas to profit from short sales…

  1. Finding Sellers Who Want To Do A Short Sale
  2. Speeding Up The Short Sale Process
  3. Attracting Short Sale Buyers
  4. Setting Short Sale Buyer Expectations

Check them out and let me know what you think:

1. Finding Sellers Who Want To Do A Short Sale

ARTICLE:  A Quick Short-Sale Strategy

This article has a quick and easy strategy for finding distressed sellers that can work in any market.

Click Here To Read More…

2. Speeding Up The Short Sale Process

ARTICLE:  The ABC’s of Getting Short Sales Pre-Approved

This article has a step-by-step process for getting ‘pre-approval’ on short sale offers, which can help you avoid many common problems with short sale transactions.

Click Here To Read More…

3. Attracting Short Sale Buyers

ARTICLE:  These Signs Make Your Phone Ring With Buyers

Here’s a simple idea to get your short sale listings noticed (and sold faster!).

Click Here to Read More…

4. Setting Short Sale Buyer Expectations

ARTICLE:   Agent Discovers Easy Tool For Educating Short Sale Buyers

This article has a download for an example booklet that educates short sale buyers on the process, and it can also be used to set expectations with sellers.  You’ll want to make your own booklet for your local market that positions you as an “expert” and helps you avoid frustrations with buyers (and sellers) by giving them the BIG PICTURE of the process.

Click Here to Read More…



Even if you’re not a “short sale” agent, couldn’t you use the Debt Relief Act expiration as a reason to contact your past clients, friends, family, and old leads?

Send a simple letter or email notifying them of the approaching deadline and a simple offer to call you if they…
1) want to buy a short sale property, or
2) are thinking of selling but are afraid they’re underwater and don’t know if they qualify for a short sale.

They may not be ready to buy…

They may not qualify for a short sale…

But you’re demonstrating your professionalism and positioning yourself as the “caring and competent” real estate expert worthy of their business and referrals.  When the time is right, they’ll reach out to YOU to buy a home or to list their home.

Want a way to do that every month, in 1-minute?  Click here to learn about our Service For Life!® real estate newsletter that you can now use in less time than it takes you to calculate how much business you’ve lost by not keeping in regular, value-oriented contact with every person you know.

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