Annual Event Brings In Big Returns For Agents

Would you like an easy and high ROI promotion to get referrals from your sphere?

Many agents partner with local businesses and host an annual event for their past clients, family members, and friends… for little cost or even for FREE!

Here’s an example from agent Josh Neumann.  Every winter he hosts an event to bond with past clients and fill his lead pipeline called “Movie Morning Madness”…

Josh told us this event is done in January or February and gets him all the referrals he needs for the rest of the year.  Here’s how his system works in his own words so you know how to implement this strategy in your practice…

Each winter, as the temperatures drop to single digits (at least where I’m from!) and after the holiday hustle has settled, I host a movie morning at a local cinema.

STEP 1: Reserve The Local Cinema

There’s a small theater in my local community that lets me reserve a private showing for my clients and their friends and family members.

I’ve picked the movie two different ways:

  1. Agree to purchase a set number of tickets for a current running film at the “matinee” or daytime price for each attendee, or…
  2. ‘Rent a movie reel’ from a major studio (or the theater itself) and pay a set price regardless of how many people attend.

This usually works out to $150 to $500.

In addition, each guest can help themselves to complimentary popcorn and soda at the concessions for a very nominal fee.

The entire event only costs me $400 to $600 — even though my clients think I’ve dropped several thousand dollars for them.

In reality, I can even get the event for FREE by working with local businesses as “sponsors”.  When you’re getting RSVP’s, simply ask each person if they own a local business or if the place they work would like to be a SPONSOR for the event.  Two or more sponsors could easily cover the entire cost to host any event, and they’ll get several special mentions in front of everyone who attends (more on that in a minute).

Side Note: This movie event works for me — but here are some more ideas for hosting an event for clients…  a wine or beer Tasting Party, Fashion Show, Family Picnic, Comedy Club outing, Sports Clinic, Art Show with a local gallery, Opera or Theater, or New Automobile Preview at a local dealership.  See this real estate marketing article to read more about these other events ideas.

STEP 2:  Send Out Invitations

I send out the invitations a few weeks ahead and do a follow up RSVP phone call.

Even if they can’t make it, this makes a great ‘touch’ opportunity at the end or beginning of each year.

Here’s an INVITATION TEMPLATE you can use:

(Click the image above to download this template.)

MAILING OPTIONS:  This invitation can be mailed as a postcard, included in your Christmas Cards, or inserted in your real estate newsletter.

STEP 3: Host The Event

After I’ve made all the arrangements, and people are showing up on the day of the event…

I hand out raffle tickets as guests enter the theater and do a giveaway prior to the start of the movie.

Remember:  This is a great opportunity to allow clients to promote their own companies amongst each other, and also a way to get other local businesses to donate meals, services, and money to pay for the event.  Give away great prizes and make this a fun time for everyone!

DON’T MISS THIS: This pre-movie raffle also does something else for me… It focuses everyone’s attention before the movie begins so I can THANK everyone for their business and ASK for future referrals, while their family politely smiles right next to them!

Every year this is a HUGE success.  My clients are thrilled by the whole experience — feeling as though I did something special just for them — because NO ONE else in my market does this.

Then, they tell all their friends, family, and neighbors about the event that they’re favorite REALTOR® hosted.  I encourage them to invite more people for next year’s event!

What do YOU do to differentiate yourself and bond with your clients?

Email us to share it with the Agent Inner Circle® community. Or…

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2 responses to “Annual Event Brings In Big Returns For Agents”

  1. Debbie Thaut Avatar
    Debbie Thaut

    I Love this idea, I’ve made notes and plan on doing this!!

  2. Benny Ryan Woligroski Avatar
    Benny Ryan Woligroski

    I hosted a movie party last Spring and picked up a listing that led to 4 ends so far and 3 more transactions in the next couple of months. My cost was approx $1500. It’s a great idea!

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