How To Get a 3 to 1 Return on Your Marketing Dollars

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Last Updated on April 9, 2017

If you want an easy way to triple the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, it’s your lucky day, because today I’m going to share why multi-sequence mailings are the real “secret” to finally make your marketing work. Now before you dismiss this as hype… I’ve proven this system myself with 4, multi-million dollar companies including a successful real estate development and brokerage company. So take two minutes to read this profit-multiplying article on how to create a “Multi-Sequence Farming System”… When you decide to farm, you may send out one of the following farming pieces to a defined area:
  • a post card
  • a letter
  • a flyer
  • an email
And in most cases, you send it only once, get little to no response and think it’s money flushed down the drain. What if you could increase the response by sending follow-up mailing to the same area?

Here are some eye-opening numbers…

If you can improve your conversion rate by just 4% – instead of converting 1 out of 50 prospects you now convert 3 out of 50 – your income could TRIPLE. With actual numbers… let’s say your average commission is $4,000, and if you mail to 500 prospects, and only convert 2% (a common response for a direct mail piece).  You would get 10 clients from this mailing, and at $4,000 each, you’ll make $40,000. But what if you could raise your conversion rate from 2% to 6%?  You would now have 30 clients, and at $4,000 each, you’ll make…

$120,000 From The SAME List!

How do you do that? STEP 1:  get a great mailing list.  When farming, narrow your efforts to a focused area in your community where there is 1) enough turnover in home sales and 2) fewer “dominant” agents.  You can use your computer and MLS data to research this in under an hour. STEP 2: use “Multi-Sequence” Marketing that I teach in Step 1 of our 3-Steps System and that I explain below. This type of marketing uses a SERIES of letters, post cards, or emails  sent over a short time period which dramatically increases response.

How To Create A Multi-Sequence Farming System…

Contact/Mailing #1: Should be a promotion sent to a specific prospect with a specific offer (or offers) about something important to them. Remember to test your farming pieces on a smaller list before ramping up your efforts to a large group.  You want to know if the offer on the marketing pieces works before spending money to farm hundreds or thousands of prospects. Here’s an example #1 letter for farming a specific area (click image to download): red-arrow-curved-downright

Letter1image Contact/Mailing #2: Should be a follow-up (a “SECOND NOTICE”) that is sent about 7 to 10 days after the first contact, referencing that first contact in the introduction, and continuing the offer.

Here’s an example #2 letter for farming a specific area (click image to download): red-arrow-curved-downright


Contact/Mailing #3: Should be a follow-up (a “FINAL NOTICE”) that is sent about 5 to 7 days after sending the second notice, and making a stronger appeal for your offer.  At this point you should emphasize an expiration date, or motivate action through some type of urgency (such as a limited quantity of free reports if that is your offer). Here’s an example #3 letter for farming a specific area (click image to download): red-arrow-curved-downright


You can continue this process as long as it is profitable for you, but years and years of marketing have proven the “Multi-Sequence” marketing strategy to be very, very profitable. The letters I provided here should give you an idea on how to create your own farming campaign – only this time, you’ll start making money! [Ed note:  These letters include specific OFFERS for a reader to take action and call you.  You can create your own “Home Audit” template and “Special Report”, or get the ones included with the “The Million Dollar Agent Marketing Toolkit”™.  These resources come as bonuses along with a powerful collection of pre-written letters you can use in your practice.  Click here to learn more…]

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