Pull Buyers Off The Couch With DEEP Discounts

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“When I speak with a seller in today’s market I make sure they understand this is a ‘value-driven’ marketplace—price is king!  Here’s how I approach Sellers to help them attract buyers for their home: My conversation centers around the Seller’s buying habits for consumer goods… First, I ask them point blank—’When you get the Sunday paper and look at the ads what gets you off the couch to go visit that store?  Is it a 10% off sale?  Is it 20, 30, how about 40% off?’ Second, when I see my client’s agreeing with me about the deep discounts I tell them this is the pricing most buyers expect in our current marketplace.  We need to give the active, motivated buyer a reason to get off the couch and come look at your house! Third, I then go into my price analysis to give further logical explanation on where they should price their home to get it sold.  And remind them that a small price reduction of 10 to 20% is only going to delay them selling their home—and moving on with their life! No matter where you practice real estate today, you need to be offering a strong price proposition to any active Buyer to move your listings!”

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