Potential Buyer Turns Into A “Klepto Client”

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I was doing an open house one Saturday, and within five minutes I had about 10 people through. I position myself in the kitchen area so that I could overview the whole house. “While talking to the prospects and looking around I saw this woman in her thirties walking around with a big cloth bag, much bigger than a hand bag, and helping herself to wooden carvings from my vendor’s prized collection. “Because of my alertness (and my previous experience as a Narcotics Agent) I sense the body language and caught her. I emptied the bag which contained four wooden carvings. Then I took her details and used my mobile phone/camera to take her picture and asked her to leave the premises immediately. She was very apologetic and kept saying ‘Sorry’. Since I recovered the items I did not call the police. We have to be alert at all times.”

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