Peak Performance: Workout Tips for Busy Agents

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

If you belong to a gym, and like the structured approach, decide when you like to exercise. Most people need to get up early and “get it over with”. If you wait until the end of the day, you will always find a reason not to work out. Most gyms will provide an introductory session with a personal trainer. He can design a customized workout routine to suit your needs. But if you don’t belong to a gym or health club, you can set up a simple home gym by purchasing an inexpensive set of barbells or weights, and an exercise mat. There are also many excellent exercise videos to help motivate you and to structure your workout. If neither of these ideas work for you, there are ways to help keep you fit through normal daily activities. Exercise does not have to be done all at once. The secret is to make the most of your time. Take advantage of short opportunities for activity throughout the workday. At your desk, stretch and perform isometric exercises between phone calls and computer work. Instead of going out for a big lunch, pack a light salad you can eat quickly and spend the rest of your lunch break by taking a walk. Make the most of your day while running errands. If you are not self-conscious, you can do standing push-ups or leg lifts while waiting at the bank, post office or doctor’s office. At home, choose activities that help you get some exercise. Instead of playing a board game, play catch with your kids, shoot some hoops or put on a snappy tune and do a little dancing. Take the dog for a brisk walk or do some gardening. When you finally settle down to watch some television, grab those barbells and do a few curls while watching your favorite sitcom. The key is to make use of every minute, stay active and have fun. You will feel better, look better and be more productive.

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