Laughs: “Spooky Client”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I am presently working with a couple who are looking to move out to Long Island. They are the fittest couple I have ever met, and the husband (we’ll call him Jim) is a body-builder/male model/motivational speaker. He is 6’2” of all muscle and positive thinking. One night, we were running late to the last of our appointments and it started to get dark. We pulled up in front of a Gable ranch in the area, the ones that look like a medieval castle, minus the moat! Hubby started slouching and hunching in his chair. Mr. Perfect Posture did something he never did before. “I feel negative energy here”, he said. “I don’t want to go in!” His wife said, “Oh Jim, don’t be a baby…we have an appointment! You’re going to get Mike in trouble!” Slowly he emerged from the car, head down and mumbling something to the effect that this was not to his liking…when we arrived at the front door, it was slightly ajar. I had called the owner earlier to tell him I would be a little late. He had told me to come right in…he’d leave the door open. When I knocked and pushed open the door, it CREAKED LIKE CRAZY! Jim turned all shades of blue and started to turn to leave. His wife grabbed his muscle shirt and about-faced him. We walked in, and a 6’6″ elderly gentleman appeared out of nowhere and scared the living daylights out of Jim! He turned and ran so quickly, that his wife’s hold on his T-shirt caused it to rip. He ran into my car and would not come out, so I showed the house to his wife. The owner asked what was his problem, and we both just said he wasn’t feeling too well. Let me tell you, if that house had everything in it that they wanted, there was no way in hell that Jim would be caught dead in it! I am thinking of taking him there for Trick or Treating!”

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