Laughs: “Driving Me Crazy!”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I was working with a Buyer and she was very difficult, to say the least. She would always argue with me and would ask me to buy her food, or drive her to see her friends and then come back and pick her up. I never did it but it was unbelievable that someone would ask such a thing. Anyhow, for some reason when I picked her up she had a bag with her. A very big bag, as in luggage bag. I never took it into consideration and I now realize how unsafe that was. I’d show her some houses and then I’d drop her off at an intersection some place. It was always a different location, and every time with her stupid bags. I slowly began to realize that she was not a serious buyer considering the fact that she stood me up once. Then it all dawned on me one evening, and boy did I feel so stupid.” She was a bum. That’s right, I was driving around a bum, (a few times) but regardless, I was so commission-driven and having been fresh in the business I didn’t qualify her correctly. Anyway, I put it together. The luggage, picking her up in random street corners, didn’t have a home or cell phone number, dropping her off at random corners. And she didn’t smell or look too pleasing. I DROVE A BUM AROUND SEVERAL TIMES!! Well, at first I was embarrassed but I laughed about it. BEAT THAT!! So the moral of the story is to appreciate your commission, yes. However, be customer service driven first. Then you would automatically qualify them to make sure that you can help. That should be your #1 priority and then the rest will flow. Remember, if people don’t want to work the way you want, then get rid of them and on to the next.”

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