Laughs: Don’t Let the DEAD CAT Out!”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I had a great duo of friends who were buying a house together, but needed to keep their new home price tag at the lower end for our high market. Unlike many, they were realistic though and we had a lot of fun together looking, FOR THE NEXT YEAR :), checking out a lot of beaten up homes for sale. I could have written a book just on the crazy things I saw with these clients, but the story that tops all stories was the time we walked into a townhome one afternoon. We were greeted by a young boy who was home from school, and he politely asked us to make sure not to let the cat out. Well, we started upstairs and then came back down, meanwhile never seeing a cat in view. The last room we looked at was the kitchen, located in the far back, which had a sliding glass door onto the patio. We stepped back into the kitchen and started chatting a little bit about the pros and cons to the house, meanwhile the boy still hanging out upstairs. While talking, one of my clients stepped over to the refrigerator to check out what looked like a stuffed animal, something Star Wars themed, and couldn’t tell exactly which character it was because it appeared wet. Engrossed now in finding out what it was, she touched the stuffed animal to quickly realize it was cold, stiff and hard…and the cat. We literally ran out of that place as fast as we could, not stopping to confirm what she had touched.”

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