How to Use Kisses to Close More Listings

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Last Updated on June 5, 2018

No, you don’t need to kiss anyone – especially any frogs! I’ve shared this quick and easy strategy with agents over the years, and several told me it boosted their listing presentation closings to over 97%. Of course, it will never replace a first-class professional presentation, but it could become a powerful closing tool for you. It’s based on an important psychological element called, “Obligation and Reciprocation.”

What is “obligation and reciprocation”? Basically, we, as humans, are programmed to return the same kind of treatment we receive from others. So, for example, if someone opens a door for you, you’re more likely to open a door for them. Or when someone lets you into traffic, you’re more likely to return the favor. This “quid pro quo” is culturally ingrained in our behavior as a society. Why is this so important to you as a real estate professional? Because when you learn how to bond people to you by doing things that are genuinely thoughtful and helpful, you will naturally receive the same kind of treatment in return from them. And when that “return” is making a decision to work with you, this little element becomes a very powerful tool in your sales arsenal (just don’t abuse it).

So here’s the idea you can start using tomorrow morning. I learned it years ago from a friend, who closed over $35 million in homes last year, and I want to get it into the archives for our Agent Inner Circle® community website . During a lunch meeting she said to me,

“I’ve got a secret weapon I use to close my listing presentations.

When I show up for my meeting, I carry a simple coffee mug filled with Hershey’s kisses or some other chocolate treat.

I had it made by calling one of those marketing specialty companies you can find in your local area by looking in the yellow pages.  Or, you can just search for “personalized coffee mugs” and there are places that do this for cheap.  You can get 24 mugs for about $5 per mug at bargainmugs.com.

On one side of the mug, I’ve written boldly: “SUSAN IS MY REALTOR” and a big red heart. And on the other side, I simply put my phone number, but an agent could add their email or web site address if they want.

When I show up at a listing presentation I present the coffee mug with Hershey’s kisses as a gift to my potential clients. I’ve never received anything but overwhelmingly positive response.”

Now, initially this doesn’t seem to be such a brilliant strategy, but you have to think deeper. Here’s what she’s doing that’s brilliant:

  1. First, she is subconsciously (and overtly) telling them who they should select as their agent by placing her name on that mug with the statement, “Susan Is My Realtor“– Believe it or not, very few agents are this confident, and that makes a tremendous difference.
  2. Second, she is giving them a gift, which naturally compels them to reciprocate, and as they munch on those chocolate treats day after day they keep thinking of her.
  3. And third, it completely knocks other agents off their game.  She told me: “You should see the look on other agent’s faces while they’re trying to give a listing presentation sitting in front of a coffee mug staring them in the face, filled with Hershey’s kisses that says, [[Your Name]] Is My REALTOR.”

Try using this idea or something similar with both listing AND buyer prospects and watch your client relationships and closing rates take-off to new heights. [Ed note: If you’re looking for ready-to-use marketing tools to get more listings and buyers, check out the 3-STEPS ULTIMATE™ Real Estate Success System. To learn more click here.]

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Craig Forte
Craig Forte has helped more than 32,000 real estate professionals over the last 22 years, helping them generate more clients, more referrals and repeats, and grow their production with less stress, time and effort – all by using innovative marketing training, systems and tools.
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21 thoughts on “How to Use Kisses to Close More Listings”

  1. Thank you for the email. I am a male, but find this idea exceptional for anyone. I am certainly going to start using this idea with listing appt and open houses. Thank you very much.

  2. Great Idea I love the thought that so many things we do dont pay off till later, then out of the blue we get a call, we never expected

    1. That’s the power of being consistent- and providing a great service. Sometimes it DOES take a little longer, but it’s worth it in the end. Thanks for commenting Mariah!

    1. Glad you found this tip helpful Allen! We’d appreciate your tips as well, we’re always adding to our helpful info because of agents like YOU. Have a great day!

  3. I absolutely love this strategy! i will order this week as i plan to door knock the block of my listing! Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Le Ronda! I’m really glad you found this helpful. We might have to put on this strategy on hold for a little bit, but I have no doubt it will work for you as soon as things get back to normal.

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