How To Use Video For Free Promotion

Video is the answer to self promotion.  I record videos using a simple and inexpensive camera, then upload them for free to YouTube to:

  • highlight local businesses and events,
  • provide testimonials,
  • inform and educate, and
  • get a higher searching engine ranking, and
  • get more exposure of myself and my practice, spending no money.

Potential clients in my area will search for things like “Should You Sign Buyers Agency Agreement?” and they’ll come across a video like this:

(Note:  This video is an example only — create your own like this for your real estate market.)

This strategy works because I get around their resistance to me as a salesperson and give them solid information they can use to make a better decision.  Who do YOU think they’re going to contact when they’re ready to buy? Besides this “consumer-oriented” approach you should also use video to get testimonials from buyers and sellers by following this step-by-step process:

How To Use Video To Get 2 More Clients From Every Transaction…


Video tape Sellers or Buyers standing in the yard next to your sign that says “Just Sold”. Get the Sellers or Buyers comments about your expertise and their satisfaction with the sale (or purchase) of their property.


Give your client a DVD copy or, even better, a link to the video on YouTube and have them email it to all their friends and family.  If the video has your name and contact information, there’s no better free publicity! This could be part of a “change of address” email or mailing you do for your clients, which is a powerful strategy you should use to turn every transaction into one or two more.


Use the video when recruiting future sellers or buyers at listing presentations, buyer qualifying presentation, or when potential clients find you online… now you can WOW them with overwhelming proof! ADDITIONAL TIPS:

  • If you didn’t video tape your buyers or sellers immediately after the transaction, go back and ask them to do it now.  It never hurts to ask.  And even if there’s not a sign in the front yard, you can get their comments on your job as their agent.  Don’t forget to get their permission to post the video online.
  • Remember to BE YOURSELF when using video – relaxed and authentic.  Talk directly to a person like they’re standing in front of you instead of reading a script — that’s the key to a natural and welcoming presentation.

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How do YOU use video to get clients?

Email us to share it with the Agent Inner Circle® community. Or…

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