How to Use Statistics and Historical Proof to Differentiate Yourself from Other Agents (see example)

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Since we’re on the topic of listing strategies, here’s a quick and easy strategy agents Rosie and John Hanna use to prove their ability to generate maximum value for a home, and differentiate themselves from other agents… Also, see Rosie and John’s “reasons why clients should select them” with This Example. See if you can use any of the same “reasons” in your own pre-listing package. “To build confidence early in our presentation, we have a color page of all of our year prior listings with their sales price to list price ratio. We have the same for properties purchased by our buyers. It quickly confirms we know the market trends. It is factual and user friendly. They recognize some of the properties and so get comfortable with the information and with us as their Realtor. New Realtors may easily use their office stats.”

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