How to Tap a Secret Source for Unlimited Clients

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Not long ago we received a powerful client-generating and follow-up idea from agent Becky Boomsma. We wanted to get all the details about her idea, which has been bringing her a steady stream of clients since starting it. Here’s how she does it in her own language (along with some follow-up questions we asked her in order to get details)…

“I purchased a Home Valuation CMA Report and a pair of zip codes on the Home Page of Realtor.com. When a consumer is curious about the value of their home or a home they intend to purchase, an automated report is generated utilizing current MLS information and also sends a notification email to me to follow up with a refined market report and tips of how to make their home worth more. I am the only agent for my chosen zip codes to receive these exclusive leads and the consumer gets my photo, contact information, and recommendations on each correspondence. They also receive and automated monthly update on their inquiry. I’ve received 17 great leads in 4 months – serious leads who are searching for real estate information who are not working with another agent! Three will be ready to list within 30-60 days and I’ll be first in line for the opportunity!”

We asked Becky how an agent can get started using her system…

“To get started, call Tyler Carr at Realtor.com, 805-557-7886 and request the Featured CMA Program for your zip code(s) of choice. (You may also call your area sales rep from Realtor.com). If your requested zip code is available, you can purchase this product for a year. The rep will set the program up so that you are up and running within a day or two. You are then the agent sponsor or Featured Agent for that zip code when a seller wants to know their home’s value or a buyer wants to purchase in a particular neighborhood and enters an address within your purchased zip code. The buyer’s will receive a Market Report on the spot and then monthly thereafter, automatically. The seller receives their CMA and subsequent monthly reports, compliments of you, the Featured Agent. Tyler will also coach you on special widgets and ideas to add on your websites to attract consumers and wow them with your Featured Reports, where all contact information points to you.”

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