How To Leverage Listings For a Never-Ending Stream Of Clients

1. Market Off Your Listings To Generate Buyers and Other Listings.

I’ve had dozens of agents who used this system and consistently add $100,000 to $250,000 per year in extra business.

Do you know the purpose of taking a listing? Did you say, “Sell the home?” If so, you’re like most “average” agents, and only partially correct.

The purpose of taking a listing is to attract buyers and other listings to your services. Your listing is actually a client magnet.

Think about this: buyers drive by the neighborhood, view your classifieds, open your info tubes, read your listing display ads, read your signs, and yet most agents give them no meaningful reason to contact them – to respond and get a hot lead.

Imagine how your business would grow if you implemented systems to motivate prospect calls with every listing you take? This is what I mean by “leveraging” your efforts for more business.

How can you take advantage of this opportunity? Here are a few proven ideas…

2. Market Off Your Listings Strategy #1: Premier Properties Flyer™.

This is a fail-proof idea we teach in our 3-Steps system (www.3-steps.com)

Place an info tube or box with every listing sign and place multiple offers on the flyer – including other (similar) homes in the area/price range, offers for consumer reports, etc., and a 24 hour free recorded message to get the info – an automatic lead generation system.

And here’s more “leverage”: put a few offers for free “sellers” reports on the flyer to prompt potential sellers in the area to call you. Heck, it’s free prospecting.

3. Market Off Your Listings Strategy #2: Hotline Sign Tag Calls.

Create a benefit-driven sign tag (not the usual kind), and a 24-hour “Free Recorded Message” prompting a call.

Program your hotline to page you (or someone who can respond immediately) the instant of the call – you generate a lead and call the interested buyer back within 30 seconds, saying, “I just noticed you called about ____ home and wanted to get back with you immediately.”

You’re now talking to a motivated prospect, at the right time (when they’re thinking about buying), and about something important to them (the specific home!). Convert the lead into a prospect and sell them a home.

Do you think responding to a caller the minute they seek out for information about the listed home makes a positive impression? You better believe it does!

4. Market Off Your Listings Strategy #3: Write Classifieds and Homes Ads That Create Calls!

I provided you a free bonus Report with your Agent Inner Circle™ membership that shows you exactly how to write classifieds and home descriptions that motivate prospects to call you.

Get the report by clicking on the “Free Welcome Gifts” link above, read this life-changing information, and start doing it.

5. Market Off Your Listings Strategy #4: Create Just Listed and Just Sold Promotions That “Work.”

If the listed home is in a farm/are you want to own, send out just listed and just sold mailings with every listing you take. Why?

Because it will: 1) demonstrate you’re active in the area (and you’re a professional who follows-up), and 2) it will bring you new business by the boatload.

Important Tip: Don’t use anything but direct response methods, or you’ll be wasting your money.

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