How To Get Referrals By Becoming a “Door-Mat” Agent

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Submitted by Tim Waters, REALTOR®

“Unlike most of us, I want to get walked on as a REALTOR®.  Let me explain how I use a ‘welcome mat’ to buyers to continue to get referrals for years.  For every home buyer, I follow the same three steps once the transaction closes…

Step 1:  I purchase a nice welcome mat for the front door that says WELCOME in big, bold letters.  It’s something most people won’t purchase for themselves right away.  And you can usually get one for under $20.


Step 2:  I wrap up the mat with a bow and a greeting card that says:


Step 3:  I put a few business cards in the envelope with the greeting card and deliver it in person.  This face-to-face delivery is very important.

I’ve written three contracts for family members of one buyer alone…and this person proudly ‘steps’ on me every time she comes home.”

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