How To Become A “Stand-Out” Agent

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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

“Recently I’ve been trying to find ways to enhance the ‘stickiness’ of my real estate business. By this, I mean that I am consistently finding ways to stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients. One idea I’ve been using is that of giving a free gift with any INITIAL appointment I have with a client. For example: I posted an online ad for a lower priced bungalow. I received a few leads, but one in particular was quite anxious to view this property that evening. After calling and setting up the appointment to view this home and a few others, I began to draft a personalized sales-letter to give to them when we met. In the letter I discussed the recent market changes, the jump in inventory, and more importantly the weather (it was raining for about two days straight). The overt theme of the letter was ‘IT’S RAINING LISTINGS!’. One of the lines I used was ‘With this much choice for the buyer or investor, it’s easy to drown in the overload of listings!’ Another line was “Don’t get drenched with all the choices out there!” All of this was specifically aimed at tying into and reinforcing that *I* was the Realtor they should use to find their next property. Along with this letter, I included a small gift card to a coffee shop. But it doesn’t end there… Here’s where the stickiness factor kicks in. Since I aim to make every interaction with my clients a memorable one, I ran out to the corner store and picked up a cheap umbrella for about $10. The kind that fold up and you can fit it in your glove box. I purposely picked the most obscenely bright color (yellow with black polka dots to be exact) and upon meeting the clients at the first location, presented the umbrella and the envelope with my sales letter, along with the highlight sheets for our viewings. Needless to say they were enthralled and have been telling everyone they know that ‘Their real estate guy is Justin and you NEED to use him, he’s the BEST!’ This was only last week and already they’re looking to purchase two investment properties in the next month. Not bad for $15 of gifts and a few minutes of my time.”

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