How “Serving First” Generates Business for This Agent

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

My marketing idea is very simple; Serve first. The most business I can currently count on is the business referrals from my neighborhood.

In 2003, I was elected the Homeowner’s Association President for my neighborhood which has 564 homes. Since then, I have organized multiple Social activities as well as gathered information about an upcoming opportunity to lease the gas minerals under our 123 acres, that is, Stone Meadow.

I became the voice for the community on such issues as zoning, highway plans and school boundary changes. I organized 22 “Block Captains” to knock on the door of every home on their street and obtain an e-mail address and phone number for that home. Using that information I send a monthly newsletter to educate my homeowners about the home selling market and most recently how to obtain a credit score three times a year for FREE!

I just closed a deal for a family that has a close friend that lives in my neighborhood. I have never met that neighbor face to face, although he receives my newsletter monthly and my periodic e-mails about neighborhood issues. He called and stated that I was his only choice to represent his friend in the purchase of a new home. It was the second largest commission I had ever received!!

Many of the homeowners wonder why I put so much time in this community for free. I just tell them my belief system is “Serve first”, and then I say “Oh, by the way, if you happen to hear about someone looking to buy or sell a home, would you mind referring my name, I promise to take great care of them.” Jon Wise Stone Meadow HOA President www.stonemeadow.net Zoning Commissioner Chairman for the City of Ft Worth, Texas

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