Horror Story: “Welcome to The World of Real Estate”

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I listed a very nice cedar home on the bluff with 15 acres fenced. Great Listing. I thought. After completing the paper work, I was placing an arrow sign at the entrance, when a truck approached rapidly. I gave my partner the keys to my truck and asked him to move it; because, this person was in a hurry. The vehicle slid to a stop and a person resembling someone out of ‘Deliverance,’ jumped out of the truck out of control, cursing, yelling, screaming and wanting someone to pay attention to him. The words and ugly attitude did not bother me, but he was going to destroy my sign. That was going too far. I advised him what would happen if he touched the sign and if he was doing all that for me that he could stop it. He yelled out, “Well I will just go home and get my gun and kill both of you.” At this point, I still did not know why these people were being so ugly and more so why he was threatening to kill the real estate agent that had done nothing to provoke this and was in the dark about all of this. This was not going to be the day my partner or I died. I stopped all of the conversation and asked them what in the world is wrong with you people and why are you so mad? Also, this is an area where it would take the law an hour or longer, if available, to respond. They started explaining to me how evil the lady was at the end of the lane. I advised them to stop and think, she will be gone if I can sell her place. The man had a dumb-founded look on his face and yelled out “Put the sign back up.” We discussed getting ugly and he apologized. My partner had never had his life threatened before and vowed that he would have to think about going with me again. I advised him, “Welcome to the world of Real Estate.” The house is a nice beautiful house with a view and we still have problems, but he hasn’t offered to shoot me any more.”

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