Horror Story: The “Stress of the Deal”…

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“My client, the seller, was a bit “eccentric”. He had a 2nd home, vacant, within viewing distance of his newer current home. I listed the property, a charming older home, and almost immediately problems occurred…

My client had not paid property taxes in 9 years, now totaling nearly $20,000. The property was owned by his “company”, not him. Because he so distrusted our government, his “company” was originated in the Caribbean. The Court had appointed a trustee years ago because no company officers could be located.

At pre-settlement time, the issues went on and on, and the attorney’s clerk told me a court hearing to remove the Trustee’s name would take 2 months! When I asked my client where I could find the Trustee to sign the deed, my client stated the trustee was probably in the Yukon!!

After more phone calls, my client came clean and gave me the trustee’s phone number, knowing the sale would not happen otherwise. I called the attorney’s office & they scheduled the settlement for that afternoon. I drove 4 hours roundtrip to a neighboring state to meet a stranger (the Trustee) at a local bank in his neighborhood & get the document notarized. The sale went through, but that was some serious last-minute settlement stress…”

Craig Forte
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