Horror Story: Smokey Robinson Deal Killer

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“When Smokey Robinson and his former wife divorced some years ago, I had a married couple under contract to buy a home. When I called the couple that day, the wife said they had changed their minds because they were going to get a divorce. I asked why? She told me she and her husband had gotten married around the same time as Smokey and his wife and since they were divorcing, my clients felt they should divorce too. I said, ‘You know what, let’s forget about the purchase of the home, that’s not my concern right now. My concern now is you and your husband and your relationship.’ So we talked for a while, and then said goodbye. About a week later, she called and said they were going to stay together and wanted to buy the home. We closed with two refreshed married individuals! I think we owe it to our customers and clients to be more than just a real estate professional. If asked, we should try to help them in any way.”

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