Horror Story: “Seller Exposed”

“I was searching to find a gentleman the perfect home. He loved the desolate, country scene on the side of a mountain with no neighbors. We were traveling to look at the cabin about 30 minutes away. I was told that the cabin would be left opened for us to walk in, take a look, and then leave it locked. No problem.

“We got there, walked in and started looking around. The TV was on but no one was around. I was opening doors, closets, etc. so the client could get a good look at the property. I opened a door that led to a master bedroom that was tidy as could be. Walking through with my client I opened another door (which I thought was a walk-in closet). In fact, it was a bathroom, and there was a lady wrapped in a towel brushing her teeth!

“I panicked, closed the door and told her who I was and why I was there. My client was more embarrassed than she was, and he headed straight for the basement!

“The lady came out later, fully dressed, and said her husband had given us the go-ahead to come in and she thought she had time to take a shower before leaving. What a moment!”

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