Horror Story: “I’ll Never Forget This Bathroom Experience…”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I was in our local Walmart shopping center, and decided to use the ladies room before leaving.  I had just gotten to the doorway to enter when a gentleman pushing an elderly lady in a wheelchair came up and asked if I could help his Mother into the restroom.  I agreed and with a lot of pushing, pulling, and grunting I finally got her into the stall to ‘do her business.’

For the 20 or so minutes that she was inside we chatted through the bathroom stall door.  To make a long story shorter, the lady was actually thinking of selling her home.  Shocked, I told her I was an agent and she told me all about her home right there in the bathroom.

We ended up listing (and selling) her UPPER END home for a nice, big commission check!  Never saw that coming…So remember, be helpful and ALWAYS mention that you are a REALTOR®!“

Craig Forte
Craig Forte has helped more than 32,000 real estate professionals over the last 22 years, helping them generate more clients, more referrals and repeats, and grow their production with less stress, time and effort – all by using innovative marketing training, systems and tools.