Horror Story: “I Will Never Buy From You…”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I scheduled a showing with an agent who specializes in an area my clients were interested in.  The wife was on time and the husband running late.  I showed the home to the wife with the other agent present and explained the husband was running late. A few minutes later, as we walked out of the home, I saw the husband turn the corner.  I asked the other agent if we could see the home again with the husband.  I understand agents are busy and have schedules to keep.  She explained that ‘no’ she could not show the home again (as my client was walking up the walk way to the front door). She did not have time and had to rush.  Fine, I would reschedule.  My clients were understanding.  When the wife’s car would not start we spent the next 1/2 hour getting it started.  All the while, the ‘busy’ listing agent is still in the house, not going anywhere, her car parked in the front….refusing to answer the door while I rang the bell. Being a bit curious, my clients wanted to wait and see when she would come out (with her being in such a rush).  AN HOUR LATER she walked out, pretending she didn’t see us standing in front of the home. The next listing of hers I showed (to the same clients), which was supposed to be empty, had the homeowner come out of the bedroom – even after I rang the doorbell, walked in with the key I got from the agent, and showed half  the house. The homeowner scared us half to death.  Needless to say, my clients bought a home in the area – but NOT from that agent. They refused to see any of her listings ever again!”

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