Horror Story: “I Think We’ll PASS on This One!”

“I was showing houses to a buyer client that I had recently just met and qualified. His price range allowed for us to see homes that were fitting for his income level, etc.

I was showing him the best possible homes that money could buy, but unfortunately, I live in Long Island, so the cost of living is high. He is following me in his car and as we approach the house, so far so good. The exterior of the home is newer, the yard is well kept, I’m thinking, so far so good.

We get out of our cars about to walk in and the neighbor across the street yells out” Hey! Are you guys the cops?” I respond ” No”, reluctantly saying, “were you expecting the cops?”

He replies, “Well, last week, these damn neighborhood kids shot at the front door.” Needless to say, my client decided to pass on the house.”

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