Horror Story: Home Occupied by Snoring Beast

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I had a showing experience with a buyer client in the past. I did a last minute additional showing on a property and received permission from the Realtor that it was ok to enter this occupied home. While we went in, the clients parents went around back and were looking at the yard, we heard a noise while we were entering the foyer area. Unsure of what it was, we proceeded carefully only to pass the master suite, which was in disarray. We figured it out as we were entering the kitchen that it was snoring but didn’t remember there being anyone in the master bed. About that time I spot something on the couch. A very large black dog-snoring!! Well about that time their parents also discover this dog and start yelling through the windows (which were open) to get out. Guess what -yep- they woke up the dog. We were already b-lining it for the door, tripping over ourselves in the process! Thank goodness the dog was old and slow! Needless to say I called that agent back and had a few choice words for her about the safety of others in her homes and disclosing pertinent information, like animals, when someone does a last minute showing!”

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