Horror Story: Dead Fish Nearly Kill Deal

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I made an appointment to show a lake front property with the seller. I picked-up my clients at their residence: husband, wife, sister and 4 kids. We arrived at the home and it was immaculate, all lights on with soft music and cinnamon smell. Everything was all organized like a model home. I started the tour of the home and tried to get everyone together to have better control of the situation, but the kids would always disappear. I even tried holding one or two kids so they wouldn’t wander by themselves. The family started feeling at home and sat in the living room and chatted. Before leaving I turned off all the lights and locked the doors and showed my clients two more properties, then took them home. After 2 hours I got a phone call from the seller of the first home, screaming at me saying that the kids poured all the fish food in the aquarium and some of the fishes are dead belly up as they ate all the fish food they could eat. The fishes are a rare collection that came from different places. I apologized and told him I tried to keep everyone in one place but the kids kept disappearing on me. I offered to give him money for the dead fish, but he stated they are not replaceable. He threatened to report me to the board and my broker. All I could say was sorry. Later on he calmed down and accepted my apology and he said he doesn’t want to give me a hard time anymore – he just took the real estate state exam and passed, so he just became a real estate agent. What happened that day will be a very good lesson for him. And he hopes that he won’t come across somebody like him. My client’s first choice was his property. We put an offer and closed on the home. So it ended well, everyone is happy.”

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