Horror Story: Credit Glitch and the Value of Going the Extra Mile

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“A ‘WOULD BE’ horror story (and lost commission!): I had been working with a client that was Buying and flipping properties. We had just closed on a property 30 days before and were due to close on another in the next few days. When I contacted the lender regarding docs I was told there was a problem. I rushed over to my client to get the scoop. I was told that the lender just told him there was a tax lien that just showed up on his credit. He was swamped at work and could not travel the 20+ miles to the county building to find out what was going on. So I had him sign a power of attorney and went to work with the county. Turns out the lien was on a property that my client had purchased and flipped prior to our Business relationship. The county was way behind on their supplement tax bills and had mailed the supplement to the new owner instead of my client. (It was also missed at escrow). I picked up a check from my client late that day to pay the tax bill and was at the county office when it opened the next day. I spoke to the department head, who gave me the necessary documents we needed to forward to the prospective lender so they could remove the contingency, and were able to fund the deal. We closed 3 days later. This client has remained loyal and refers friends and family as does the lender. After 20+ years in the business the lender said he has never had a REALTOR go the extra mile for a client.”

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