Horror Story: Agent “Cops” A Closing

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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

“Recently, while participating in a difficult set of transactions that I thought were almost complete, I was called by the title company to advise me that the buyer had not shown up for closing. It was late in the day and I was pretty reticent about calling the sellers and letting them know that one more thing had gone wrong and that they would not be moving over the weekend after all. “While speaking with the buyer’s agent, I learned that the buyer had gotten lost on the way to closing and was nowhere near the title company. When he realized where he was, he began speeding and was stopped by the local Police Department. “Although an upstanding young man, he had a delinquent traffic ticket on his record, and the police officer gave him a ride to the police station instead of the title company. “I called the police sergeant and asked if we could close him at their location, since he was just sitting in an interview room, waiting to pay his tickets and be released. At first they hesitated, but then agreed to let us come and have him sign his closing papers. “The title company escrow officer met me at the police department, had him sign the documents and we left a new buyer who was just a little red-faced over his situation. He was grateful, however, that he and his family would be moving after all and was quite surprised that we could accomplish this closing in such a non-traditional setting. “With just minutes to spare, the documents were faxed in and the transaction was complete, including funding of several loans that were dependent on this particular closing. “What this tells you is that Texas Best Properties will do whatever it takes to complete your transactions…we will truly ‘Close you wherever you are and will do whatever it takes…'”

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