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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

One of the most powerful ways to build credibility and prospect for new clients at the same time is to use education as the cornerstone of your marketing. By educating people about the important aspects of buying and selling, you’re differentiating yourself from other agents in a very professional way (making you the stand-out choice) and building exclusive relationships that will bring you more clients and referrals over the years. Here, agent Bill Brannon offers residents of a subdivision or area a free Home Selling Course (not a “seminar”) where they’ll learn important topics like staging, how to appeal to buyers, how to price your home, how to work with real estate agents, and more. Offering a course like this will certainly create credibility and bring more clients, but perhaps even more importantly, when you host educational courses, you can add every one of the attendees onto your House List for sending a monthly direct-response prospecting tool such as Service For Life! (www.serviceforlife.com). Do you think you could do the same thing as Bill and offer regular educational courses to are residents? This is a terrific way to infiltrate any geographic market and make yourself the stand-out expert. But remember to capture these folks into your House List and continue to nurture the relationship month after month. Do just that and you’ll be building a strong personal market share generating profits for years to come. Here’s the invitation Bill uses. I would suggest you test not only a post card, but a very personal letter (“A-Pile” mail) sent to area residents.



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