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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

This idea submitted by agent David Jurewicz explains how he set up a trade-in program with builders to profit during a previous slow market.

Home trade-ins are in a way like trading in your used car for a new one. Home owners buy a new home from a new home builder, who agrees to buy the old home. Some builders are using these programs today to help increase sales and it can mean opportunity for you. What builders in YOUR area could you help implement a program like this and receive listings in the process?

Here he is in his own words…

“I had success in the down market of the 1990’s helping a local builder develop a trade-in program for their subdivisions. Since it would take about 3 months to build a home, I would use this time to market the trade-in home. It usually sold before the new home was built.

The builder dramatically increased traffic at their subdivision, sold it completely out in a slow market, and I got to market great trade-in properties. The interesting part is that the builder only had to take in two trade-in homes and I got to sell them! I’m making an effort to do that again.”

Craig Forte
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