Four Great Ways to Make Yourself a “Stand-Out Agent”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Before I started using Service for Life!®, I was always looking for ways to stay in contact with my clients after closing. As a result, I developed a checklist for closing day. First of all, when I return to my office to turn in the closing paperwork, I make a copy of the HUD settlement statement for my files, and one for the client I just closed with. I address an envelope with their mailing address and I stuff it with the HUD along with a brief hand-written note that says something to this effect: “I hope you’re still enjoying your new home. You’ll need the enclosed form for your taxes this year, so I thought I would save you the trouble of digging it out of your files.” Then I ask them to drop me a line or give me a call because I would love to hear from them. I don’t seal the envelope just in case I need to add something later. I put the letter in a file of letters to be mailed in January. Secondly, I set a reminder in my contact manager to drop them a line in about a month to remind them to apply for their homestead tax exemption (it takes about that long for the deed to be recorded). I include any necessary instructions and the appropriate phone number (I have actually created a form-letter email for this; it only involves copying and pasting). Third, I set a reminder for one year out to acknowledge their one-year anniversary in their new home and to provide them the name and number of the termite company that provided the clearance for their closing, and finally, I add them to my client list at www.lowesrealtorbenefits.com. Lowe’s will send them a 10% off coupon in my name. These (the three here, plus sending Service For Life!® monthly) are four service-oriented ways to remind my former clients that I am out there!

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