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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

I once met an agent who claimed to sell 43 (pricey) homes one year by walking neighborhoods and handing out unusual promotions. On July 4th she’d hand out flags. On Halloween she’d hand out pumpkins. At the Holidays she’d hand out candy canes and ornaments. Everyone in the neighborhood knew her and she built a great business.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of “manual prospecting”, I do recognize that, if you’re on a tight budget (or simply want great results and some exercise), you can’t go wrong with a walking strategy. You can leverage your effectiveness by getting everyone you meet on your database and sending out your monthly newsletter, such as Service For Life!®. This method significantly increases the quality of your list (because they now know you) and makes it much more responsive.

This idea submitted by agent Susan Miller reminded me of this strategy, and given today’s tough times and tight budget it might just be the ticket that takes your production to a whole new level. Here’s what she does…

“I know that many REALTORS put flags out on front lawns for special patriotic occasions like 4th of July or Memorial Day, etc. and I too have done the same. However, sometimes we don’t get the opportunity or the weather isn’t favorable to do so and it is pricey to pass them out. We found that passing flag pins are easy to pass out and very reasonable in price. Also, everyone wears them…and loves them. We keep them in our purse or briefcase so they are handy to pass out at anytime and anywhere…when you are in line at the store and meet someone…we just offer them a flag pin as we part and go our own direction. We use them at open houses, on our appointments and when just farming our neighborhoods. Great ice breaker for conversation.”

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