Cut Your Costs and Make More Money Marketing to A Niche

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Last Updated on October 11, 2017

One of the biggest mistakes a new REALTOR can make, in fact even seasoned veterans make this same mistake, is that they try to be all things to all people with their marketing.

It’s literally like standing on a street corner yelling to the uninterested passing crowd that “I sell houses … please list or buy through me!”

They could care less, in fact I would wager you would have better luck placing a tin cup at your feet.  At least this way if you’re lucky … I mean if you’re really lucky, some passerby might take pity and toss a few coins your way! Read more to learn how niche marketing can cut costs, and make sure you’re talking to the right people…and watch my video below!

A generic marketing message to the unwashed masses of the world will do relatively nothing but it will drain you financially, mentally and physically.

On the other hand, if you can identify a specific group and focus on their needs, wants and concerns … well now that’s a completely different story … now you’re addressing a group that may actually want to listen!

The reason is simple, no one cares about you until they know you care about them.

With niche marketing it’s the same thing.

When you know their wants, their fears, what keeps them up at night you can create and write marketing collateral that speaks to that vs. generic babble that no one reads.

When you become recognized by the group as someone that speaks their language then it becomes easier for them to trust you, like you, do business with you and refer business to you.

So what is a niche?

Well let me share with you a real-life example of one niche that I targeted when I first got into real estate.

In my late twenties and early thirties, I was an avid SCUBA diver … and if I wasn’t under water I was heading towards it LOL.

I joined a scuba club via my local dive shop and I took courses, went to their parties, weekend trips etc. even volunteered to help out during pool sessions to train beginners.

People got to know me, they liked me and more importantly … they trusted me.

I never made a point of telling people what I did … BUT … the fact that my sweat shirt had my company logo on it sure helped.

It didn’t take long before people got to know me as the trusted diver/REALTOR.

In fact I even worked out deals with the dive shop to help me with my client appreciation parties.

The shop owner would rent the pool, supply the equipment and instructors and I would host and an evening-try-out-scuba party.

My current and past clients loved it – they got to experience the thrill of diving at no cost and made new friends when we went out for eats and drinks afterwards.

The shop owner loved it because he was getting new people in the pool and a good percentage would ultimately sign up for SCUBA lessons or buy equipment.

The point is by focusing on the needs of others, by helping them first I ultimately received business in return.

And don’t get me started on the amount of referrals that this generated for me – because that came as a complete and welcomed surprise!

Wash, rinse and repeat I did the exactly same thing with skiiers.

You guessed it … I joined a local ski club and did exactly the same things as with the SCUBA club.

I took things that I was passionate about and made those into niche profit centres.

But Michael you say, I don’t ski, I can’t swim, what sort of niche can I go after?

A niche does not have to be recreationally related (but it does make it more fun and social) it can be a specific condo building, homes on a golf course, lakefront properties, vacation properties, divorcees, people with bad credit, first time buyers, down-sizing seniors etc.

There is no end to the list of possibilities and it all starts with picking a group that you are passionate about … and that DOES buy and or sell real estate.

Keep in mind that I am not recommending that you avoid your regular day to day activities for attracting new clients, door knocking, FSBO’s, expired listings, sphere of influence, cold calling etc … BUT … working and developing a niche is a sure fire way to grow a profitable real estate practice of people that actually want to do business with you.


Michael Krisa
Michael is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money! As Executive Editor, Michael is very excited to bring his years of experience in real estate marketing to the team.

12 thoughts on “Cut Your Costs and Make More Money Marketing to A Niche”

  1. Your article is right on point. I cater to the equine industry. Of course, it helps that I live in The Horse Capital of the World – Ocala, FL. I’m also a breeder and owner of Thoroughbred race horses, so I’m living the industry along with the potential buyers and sellers that I market to.

    The issue I have is having buyers find me. The locals know me, but how to the outside buyers looking to come to the Ocala area know who I am? Still researching and trying to find the best way to market myself and company to the outside world.

    Thank you for your article and video.

    1. Hey Valerie thanks for taking the time to comment!

      You asked about how to market yourself to outside buyers – here are a couple suggestions:
      1. I’m big on video marketing because it gives the viewer/your potential customer the opportunity to get to Know, Like and Trust you.
      Do a series of 1-2 minute videos on the top 10 things horse farmers buyers need to know. You could also do evergreen type videos showcasing your area – the amenities, points of interest, shopping etc. Don’t think you have to hire someone to do this – you can by using your smart phone.
      2. Facebook ads – OMG in conjunction with your videos you can target the perfect buyer/seller based on income, education, hobbies/interest *** LIKES HORSES *** etc
      I said a couple but here is one more 😉 … Facebook LIVE videos – do a tour of some of your farm listings, open houses etc. Facebook LIVE allows the public to interact with you and the more you do it, the greater an audience of prospective clients you will grow.

      Hope that helps Valerie.

      All Good Wishes,

  2. I know what you mean, my ladies Bible study group has become my personal “pool” of happy and willing participants and to my surprise, they value my input whenever I give them some bits and pieces to take home to their family.

    1. Laurie you are evil … you’ve planted this image in my brain of old ladies in a pool LOL! 🙂

      All Good Wishes,

    1. Hey Tony so glad we can bring you value in what we share.
      Please let me know it works out for you.
      All Good Wishes,

    1. Hey Shannon you are most welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Your support is MUCH appreciated.

      All Good Wishes,

  3. Great idea! Thank you for sharing. I am a beginner as a realtor. Of course, these tips will help me.

    1. Hey Anna so glad you found value in that article!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      All Good Wishes,

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