Build Referrals By Being A “Memorable” Agent

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Doing things that are memorable for the client is critical. One seller of mine wanted to make an event out of listing her home. She had lived there 25 years and was moving to a new state. She invited all of her family and friends to come and watch her put the listing sign in the yard. “Her new husband laughed and said to me (the listing agent) ‘Yeah, and bring the marching band’. “So when I arrived at her house in the midst of the party, I had balloons tied to the yard sign, which was ready to put into the ground. My husband had his marching drum and a cymbal at the ready. When she came to the front yard with her friends to put the sign in the ground, my husband started his drum roll, and crashed his cymbal, as I handed her the sign. Everyone got a big kick out of it, and I became the REALTOR® that goes the extra mile. “So the conclusion is, if you can think of little ways to show appreciation to your client for giving you the business, you will get referrals for a long time.”

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