Agent Uses Home Warranty To Close More Deals

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

This idea submitted by agent Suzanne Matlosz explains how offering free home warranties costs you nothing and bring you new clients.

Here she is in her own words…

“This past year, I started to include a home warranty for either buyer or seller up to $350….word got around and many clients friends and family started to call me…

They really liked the peace of mind in having a warranty in place (and many times, would upgrade as their cost above the $350 was minimal).

Since the money wasn’t due until closing, a few hundred dollars in exchange for a few thousand dollars on that commission check was a bargain! I would definitely recommend this action to other agents.”

Craig Forte
Craig Forte has helped more than 32,000 real estate professionals over the last 22 years, helping them generate more clients, more referrals and repeats, and grow their production with less stress, time and effort – all by using innovative marketing training, systems and tools.