Agent Spends $500, Nets 2+ Deals Every Month!

This idea costs about $500 a month BUT I get a minimum of two sales a month. Normally it is at least one sale a week. Notice I said ONE SALE and not one lead or client. This is in today’s harsh market.

I advertise in HOMES.com which is about half of the price of Realtor.com. I ran Realtor.com for over a year and spent thousands of dollars on it. I received MANY leads but no sales.

Anyway, one of the KEY elements is to run a number capturing 1-800 information line to your listing. Customers will call for the information and YOU get to call them back. These leads are a hundred times more valuable than ANY lead system I have ever seen.

We get the client “at the moment” they make the decision to purchase a house. It is an AMAZING tool and works every time.

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