Brand-New Service For Life Website

Agent Inner Circle Launches Brand-New Service For Life! Website

After 20+ years, Service For Life!®, the world’s first print, email and social media “direct response real estate newsletter system” has been rebuilt and relaunched with an all-new website and look.

Why did we rebuild the site?

This project was fueled by the suggestions and feedback from longtime members and real estate agents. So when I say a complete rebuild … I mean a COMPLETE, “let’s start from the drawing board and make something amazing” rebuild!

Now we think the rebuild is awesome and that you will too, but rather than take our word for it we invited our subscribers to send us their opinion and feedback.

In the video below you will meet Cathy McGrail from Keller Williams Home Town Realty in Dayton Ohio and she averages about 70 transactions per year and has been using Service For Life since it first came out … over 20 years ago!

Let that sink in … she has been a subscriber for over 20 years and swears by it!


Because it allows her to focus on what she loves – being a real estate agent..

That’s why we are so excited about this new build because it makes staying in touch with your sphere of influence/your database easy to do, keeps you top of mind AND generates referrals like crazy!

See for yourself at Service For LIfe! and join our family of agents that we have been serving for over 20 years!


What’s Different about the new Service For Life Website?

The NEW Service For Life! kept the same great readable format, using welcome and valued information to motivate high readership and get shared virally across social media platforms (NOT with real-estate focused articles, like many other newsletters), while making it easy to integrate with just a click with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

One BIG change that members have asked for is that there aren’t two separate print and email file versions of the newsletter, and now edits you make on-screen to the templated newsletter are reflected in both print and email.

The system merges a member’s information and photo in automatically each month, and can push the email version directly into a client’s email program (it integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp, Vertical Response, and Constant Contact, and HTML is a quick copy-and-paste into almost any other program or CRM).

No Other Programs Necessary, Scaleable to Brokerages

The content is modifiable without any other program requirements (no Word necessary!). It can generate a ready-to-print PDF, and is accessible completely online. The Service For Life! system is ready to scale to large brokerages – even create your own branded template for every agent in your office and make it available in a click!

Want to see how quick and easy it is to publish your newsletter? Watch me get mine out in 90 seconds! CLICK HERE to watch my video on Youtube.

Ready to check it out for yourself? CLICK HERE to visit the website.

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