What’s the #1 Home-Selling Secret Of This Top Listing Agent?

Sales activity had been very slow, and we were going to have to compete with a lower priced, foreclosure unit in the same condo complex.

The good news was that every other unit was being marketed with a typical flyer that just told the number of bedrooms and baths. I used a “story ad” (example below), and the listing sold in under 60 days.

While I did not go over the top in my description, I did write an interesting story that enthusiastically told what the home was like.

Here’s the full ad…

(click the image to download the PDF example)

This example brings to mind the most common question I get about real estate advertising…

“What do I advertise when my listing is similar to other homes in the area?”

Not only real estate agents, but many companies face this marketing dilemma:  What marketing message do you use to attract buyers when you’re selling something similar to what’s available?

First of all, you must be objective, and in some cases, you must have the wisdom to recognize there are no major differences between your ‘product’ and others.

Consider this sage advice from the world-class copywriter, Joel Raphaelson:

“In the past, just about every advertiser has as-
sumed that in order to sell his goods he has to
convince consumers that his product is superior
to his competitor’s. This may not be necessary.
It may be sufficient to convince consumers that
your product is positively good. If the consumer
feels certain that your product is good and feels
uncertain about your competitor’s, he will buy
yours. If you and your competitors all make ex-
cellent products, don’t try to imply your prod-
uct is better. Just say what’s good about your
product—and do a clearer, more honest, more
informative job of saying it.”

Translation… put some “Showmanship” in your ads.

Many of us forget the excitement of buying a home (or condo in this case).  Buyers, especially first-timers, are thrilled if you simply do an enthusiastic job of describing what they’ll get by having their own property.

The problem isn’t that you’re selling a boring home, it’s that you’re using a boring ad to sell it.  The way to get your listings to stand out and find the right buyer is to simply do a better job of being honest and informative about what the property has to offer.

I’m not referring to a list of what the home has…instead…describe in a story what this home will DO for them if they buy it and weave those details (like square footage, roof construction type, etc.) into your story.  A common mistake I see time and again is just listing the features of the home in a bulleted fashion.

If you’re selling an average-priced home… describe the better lifestyle the buyers will get in a narrative format.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Describe the yard and the fun and excitement of entertaining friends or “a private hideaway to spend quality time with your sweetie”…
  2. Use visual words to describe the “full-size entertainment area to melt into the couch and relax after a long day of work” or “watch your favorite sports game with room for all your friends to come over”…
  3. Don’t simply say it’s a “gourment kitchen” but give an example of how the kitchen is “perfect for the budding chef” and “so much space you’ll soon be the next Julia Child as you impress friends and loved-ones with your new cooking skills”…

OK, that last one was a touch over the top, but you get the idea.  You can see how I did this in the example ad above.  Don’t misunderstand me — you don’t want to use hype or cliche terms (majestic, charming, etc.).  Use enthusiastic details and specific examples of what people can do in the home.  You’ll sell more real estate.  I guarantee it.

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