Achieve Your Goals Through “Intelligent Acting”

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Some years ago the Gallup Organization did a study of success characteristics of wealthy Americans. One of the qualities of success that they discovered was the factor of intelligence. However, in the study, intelligence was not defined as a matter of high I.Q. or good grades in school. Rather, intelligence was defined as “a way of acting”. In short, if you act intelligently, you are intelligent and if you act stupidly, you are stupid, irrespective of your grades or your I.Q. “Now here is the question, What is an intelligent act? How can you determine whether an act is intelligent or not, either for yourself or someone else? The answer is simple. An intelligent act is anything that you do that moves you toward a goal of your own choosing. An unintelligent act is anything that moves you away from a goal of your own choosing. And, everything counts. “Everything that you do that is consistent with your goals, is by definition, an intelligent act and everything that you do that is inconsistent with you achieving your own self determined goal is a stupid act. You must therefore resolve from this moment forward, to think and behave intelligently with regard to your goals. You can obtain everything that you desire by acting intelligently. “Everything that you do counts in some way. Everything either helps or hurts. Everything is either moving you toward your goals or moving you away. Everything either adds to the quality of your life or detracts from it. “Resolve to act intelligently!”

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